10 Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

Social media has become a vital part of everyone’s lives and their daily routine. It has been noticed that more than 60% of people are addicted to the social media feeds. Below given are 10 top social media marketing trends to watch in 2020, for an effective marketing through social media this year.

After waking up, their first job is to check their social media profiles. This increased addiction to social media has now opened a rewarding way for the businesses to market their products and service through social media marketing and target potential customers. However, due to the presence of overloaded content on social media, the competition is too high. So, you need to follow some latest trends as a shortcut method to reach the right customers through social media marketing.

Fleeting Content Helps in Gaining Recognition

Now days, people are less interested in spending a lot of time in reading or focusing on lengthy published contents online. Due to this propensity, digital marketers have changed their way of engaging people on their post. The concept of fleeting content is being used more because by this technique, contents are available for a short duration and then disappears afterwards. Instagram and Snapchat stories are a perfect example of fleeting contents, and it has become one of the top social media marketing trends in recent times. By posting short stories and eye catching lines, you can engage people within a short span of time.

Video Content is now Ruling

Video Content marketing is one of the best techniques for engaging audience and it has now become one of the top social media marketing trends for 2020. Video contents are already ruling social media channels and are a clear winner over all other types of content. You can use this marketing technique of creating video contents and include it in your content marketing strategy. You can create video content stories for both, social media content and for advertisement. With this method, you can also traditionally dominate image or text contents and get more conversions.

Increased Use of Social Media for Better Customer Service

This is true! Social media is not just a socializing platform now days. It is even more than that. For the digital marketers and companies out there, it has also become a retail platform or a customer service channel. Almost all the companies now use the platform of social media for branding purpose and delivering highly effective customer service solutions. For users, social media is beneficial in contacting the company and getting solutions to their grievances.

Growth of TikTok

Apparently, TikTok has gained much popularity with 1.5 billion users and is consistently seen to grow more in this year. This application is known for entertainment purpose such as lip syncing, dancing, acting, drama and songs. But now, TikTok is not only renowned for entertainment or showcasing talent on it, but it’s also now one of the top social media marketing trends for 2020. Many reputed and recognized organizations are using TikTok for their branding and advertising of their products and services. The basic logic behind it is to utilize the growing audience of TikTok and targeting them to reach their business.

Chatbots are Taking Over

Chatbots are now being incorporated with social media and this trend is growing at a hasty rate as top social media marketing trends. Mainly chatbots are used by businesses to communicate with their customers on social media when any real customer support executive is not present at the screen. The bot will handle and solve the query for the customer. It is a part of strong customer management system. The best example of a company using chatbots is “Pizza Hut”, who makes it easy for a customer to order ‘pizzas’ through social media. This can be used to constrain more sales and increase revenue.

Influencer Marketing Serving as a Hot Trend

Influencer marketing isn’t a new theory but the way of being served on social media channel has certainly changed. Many companies have amalgamated with micro influencers. Micro influencer refers to a person who has an audience between 2,000 followers to 50,000 followers on any social media channels. These influencers concentrate on a specific niche and make regular posts about that topic to engage people who pay close attention to their post. Influencer marketing has become one of the top social media marketing trends, as many companies are benefitted through this innovative way of marketing.

Reaching Local Customers through Social Media Geo Tagging    

This is one of the demanding top social media marketing trends to watch in 2020! Most of the companies and brands are reaching local audience by geo-tagging their post and stories in social media. While running social media campaign, either on Facebook or Instagram, you can target your local customers within a desired radius range. This will automatically show your ad or social media post to the local audience using the social media channel within that radius range. You can target lots of prospective customers as the number of social media users are increasing day by day.

Augmented Reality

You must know the concept of Augmented Reality! It is an interactive experience which is formed with artificial and perceptual information, for example, the most famous Pokémon game which gained much popularity in mobile games. AR is now a part of social media, which users can experience in the form of filters and lenses, available on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. AR being a new upcoming top social media marketing trends now onwards, it will provide a completely new experience to the customers for example, customers can feel the product or even get a decision taking guidance while buying online.

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Podcasts as a part of Social Media Marketing

Podcasts have now become most popular these days. Most of us love to hear those great personalities who share their real life motivational stories or life learning lessons. There are many apps available online such as Podcast Addict, Spotify, Castbox, etc. which are already very popular among the podcast listeners. With so much high popularity, you can easily guess that how much influence it can create among the customers if taken as one of the top social media marketing trends to watch soon in 2020.

Social Media Platforms are now Social Commerce

Now days, social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram are also used widely by the brands to sell their products. Social commerce means combination of e-commerce and social media is now a demanding and top social media marketing trends for 2020. By just few clicks and scrolling, anyone can buy anything from shoppable posts. In a way, social media platforms are now evolving as social retail platforms. Digital marketers and brands incorporate social commerce as one of the best available sales strategies. Thats why its very important to have a multilingual Social media management so that you can expand your business or brand in the foreign market.


These are some of the boosting and top social media marketing trends which we will watch in 2020. Social media is a very dynamic and competitive platform, so you need to remain updated with the latest trends to reach the right prospects. Use all the above listed points in your social media marketing initiatives. One more thing, which you should know is almost 35% to 40% consumers are attracted to a brand which is regularly active on social media, no matter whatever the trend is. That means you need to post your content on top-notch daily if you want to get more traffic or customers on your page or site. Prepare your strategies well to dominate over social media in 2020.

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