5 Coffee Side Effects You Have Probably Never Heard Of

As a coffee lover, having two cups of coffee daily must be a part of your daily routine. Sometimes, coffee is known as a healthy beverage which can boost your mind, metabolism, physical performance and minimize your stress but sometimes coffee has side effects also. You should know that it’s safe to sip coffee daily, but the level of consumption should be low to moderate. Now, if you are drinking coffee in large amounts daily, you have to believe some horror stories regarding your cups of the day. You will be bombarded with several coffee side effects due to the intake of high doses of caffeine, present in your lovely and pleasant cup of coffee. Let’s have a look at these five coffee side effects, which can be real menacing for your health.

Increases Anxiety and Heart Rate

Why do you take coffee? Many of us drink coffee to get rid of tiredness, sharping our focus and concentration, taking the instant mental decision and something like that, isn’t it? Caffeine helps in these things but these are the ways for coffee side effects also. Coffee can spark panic attacks and anxiety in some people. Intake of high amount of caffeine will also augment your heart rate, which is not really good for your heart.

Promotes Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common problems faced by almost all age group persons in the world, and it’s also a part of coffee side effects. Too much consumption of caffeine can cause vexation and trouble in getting good sleep. It increases the amount of time a person takes to fall asleep. Caffeine impacts your sleep quality and quantity negatively. If you are going through any kind of insomnia treatment, cut off your coffee consumption level.

Coffee Has a Laxative Effect

Have you noticed that you run to the bathroom in the morning after having your first cup of coffee? One of the uncommon coffee side effects is that it has a direct impact on the colonic muscles. This side effect can be beneficial for you, especially when you are having symptoms of constipation. Caffeine works as a stimulator for the smooth muscles in the GI tract and increases bowel movement. In simple terms, one of the major coffee side effects is that coffee has a laxative effect.


You know what an addiction is, and you must have heard the psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms for alcohol or drugs. Do you know that this type of addiction can also be a part of coffee side effects? Caffeine triggers certain brain chemicals in our body which is similar to cocaine or amphetamines. It also increases your dopamine levels, also known as the happy hormone. People who consume high amount of caffeine become addicted and this situation may lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Leads to High Blood Pressure

Drinking too much coffee per day can lead to high blood pressure. Caffeine has a stimulatory effect on the nervous system raising the blood pressure in our body. This cannot be considered as risky coffee side effects as it does not increase the risk for heart attack or stroke in most people. The effect of high blood pressure is also temporary, but it increases rapidly, which can cause some uncomfortable symptoms in your body.

All the above listed coffee side effects will not be dangerous for you until you drink low to moderate amount of coffee per day. If you start drinking more than three cups coffee a day, leading to high caffeine intake in the body, this can cause some serious health issues. There are certain benefits of caffeine in human body, which can be gained by reducing the intake of caffeine or coffee cups per day.

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