An emotional letter to Sushant Singh Rajput: My Hero

Dear Sushant,

I hope you are at a peaceful place now. I am writing this letter to let you know that I am one out of millions who is missing you. With this letter, I want to celebrate your life and Journey. Please dont think that you lost the game. We are the bigger looser. We lost a talented Artist who was an actor, scholar, engineer, animal lover, stargazer and a great Human Being. Since the day you have left, there has not been a single day when I did not think about you. Learning about your demise made me feel empty as I lost someone who as very dear to me.

We lost the gem. People failed to understand your intellectual discussions and interviews. I have no doubt that you (Shushant,) were one of the most educated and literate Actor in Bollywood. The only thing which went wrong was the stereotyped mentality, that you came from a small town like Patna, Bihar with huge dreams. Unlike other filmy personalities,  who grew up in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi with a hollow base. Being gentle, intellectual, simple and not flashy like others was probably the things which made you different from others.

I have been your follower for quite long now and have always appreciated your witt and articulation. In one of your interviews you said that “you are fearless”. You were a Rebellion against ideas and this is what made you develop a clarity of thoughts, a great thinker and an affluent speaker.

Your one of your statements which is my feverate when you said “If you have a philosophical Mind. You will end up earning”. This shows how positive and process oriented you were.

You also mentioned that you are not obsessed with future, but still you had a vision. Maybe thats why you made a list of 50 dreams. This activity of yours showcases your pregressivness and lively charecter.  Being a start you were still humble enough to be connected tot he mother earth and the nature as in of your interview you said that it is important to learn how to farm.

Your views on love and relationship is impeccable. As you beautifully summerized a relationhsip where you said „You want to understand and to be understood“ as well as finding different ways to connect with each other. According to you follwoing these two mantras will end up in having a meaningfulrelationship.

And as you always said, we forget the context and remeber only the statements. Now what remains with us forever is your statements.

I have always looked upon you as a humble, intelligent and ground to earth personality. I eagerly wanted to meet you someday but unfortunately ……… But I still feel fortunate  enough to watch your interviews, videos, movies and keep the process of learning continuous.

As I came to know more about you, I felt a special connection like you. I also come from Patna. Though I am not an engineer and hold 7th rank in AIEEE but yes I do have a vision and I am passionate towards living a quality life. When for the first time i stepped out of my Hometown Patna and came to Delhi, I was mocked and Humiliated for my accent, dressing sense, eating habits and specially for being a BIHARI. In tough times, you were like an inspirational light who enlightened my pathways and gave me life lessons. As you were the household star in Patna, everybody used to give your examples that how far you have gone in terms of fame and success via hard work. And gradually you were like a family member a Son, a brother , A friend. When you cried on the screen, the viewers cried. When you smiled, they smiled. They felt connected to your innocence and infectious smile.

This was the connection we had with you. You were not just a star as you always said „I am just you away from glory“.

Sushant, your demise has completely broken me from inside. Most painful is the way you left us. You are a winner. I wish you would have not listened to who pretended that they did not believed you, tried to pull your legs because they were afraid that you are a budding superstar and might be a threat to the start kids.

This whole situation has made me realised that you were living a real life in a fake world. A World where most of the people tried to bring you down, A world where we need to fight against all the odds. Sometimes we win and sometimes we give up to the theory of the survival of the fittest.

Though you are not around anymore, I will still celebrate your incredible Journey and interesting life. I hope you are at a peace now where no one can trouble you and try to break you. You were never an outsider. You were and will be all time insider in our heart. Sushant, we will miss you. I pray to Shiv Ji to give you solace and peace. I know you will discuss many things with him.

And yeah, you are at a safest place too, that is near to your Maa in the heavenly adobe. Now you do not need a telescope to see the moon, the stars and the other celestials bodies as you are close to them. I am sure they are taking care of you and making you smile with peace and content. I wish I could have a telescope through which I could see you smile.


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