Best Way to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication

Uncontrolled and high blood pressure can be fatal which can cause serious damage to your heart. High blood pressure usually doesn’t show any symptoms until there’s crucial damage done to the heart. A normal reading of blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Any reading above 130/90 mm Hg can be called high blood pressure. Also known as ‘hypertension’, it is often pointed out as ‘silent killer’ and is a major risk for heart attacks and stroke. Do you know why? Because one out of every three people has high blood pressure and is a leading cause of death around the world. Many people don’t prefer to start with medicines to control high blood pressure due to its harsh side effects. There’s good news for them. There are number of ways by which you can control high blood pressure naturally, even without medications.

Let’s look at these approaches to impede and control high blood pressure and live healthily.

Just Walk or Exercise Regularly to control high blood pressure

Control High Blood pressure

One of the best ways to control high blood pressure is to exercise regularly for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Doing exercise regularly can maintain your heart’s splendid health and make your heart more efficient at pumping blood lowering the pressure in the arteries. 100 minutes of moderate exercise or just 30 minutes of walking can help and lessen it. A major reason for hypertension is obesity or over-weight. Exercising can help you in reducing your waistline and ameliorating your blood pressure readings.

Reduce Sodium Intake

A very common but very effectual method to control high blood pressure is to cut your sodium intake in your regular diet. Most of the processed foods contain a high level of sodium and you must avoid taking it. Instead of processed foods, you can try seasonings with spices and herbs without salt. Don’t add salt in your diet. In case, you cannot substantially reduce the amount of sodium intake, just cut back slowly. Within a week, you can see enhanced results, i.e. lowered blood pressure readings.

No Alcohol

Do you know alcohol can be protective for your blood pressure? Moderate drinking habits for both men and women, i.e. one drink a day can potentially control high blood pressure and lower it. But the amount of alcohol intake is increased and you start drinking too much alcohol, it can raise your blood pressure rapidly. Not only that, high intake of alcohol can lessen the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.

Stop Smoking to control high blood pressure

Control High blood pressure

If you are addicted to smoking cigarettes, it can be poor for your health, especially your heart rate and blood pressure. Smoking is a major reason for increased blood pressure and heart rate. Do you know that the chemicals present in tobacco defacements the walls of your blood vessels further causing inflammation and narrowing of your arteries? These damaged arteries elevate your blood pressure. If you are a smoker, the best approach for you to control high blood pressure is to stop smoking. 

Eat More Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium is a very essential mineral which helps our body in getting rid of sodium and alleviate pressure on the blood vessels. An ideal diet plan to control pressure should include less sodium and more potassium-rich foods. Including fresh fruits and vegetables, having abundant potassium content in it can help you lower and control high blood pressure. You can include tuna, salmon, nuts or beans.

Reduce Your Excess Stress

Control High Blood Pressure

This is true that we live in a stressful time, and in this fast-paced world, it can be hard to remain stress-free and relaxed. But the saddest part is that stress is a key driver of hypertension. You can control high blood pressure by just taking steps which can gradually reduce your stress. Try to find the source of your stress, which can be regarding job, finances or relationships. Practice the method of deep breathing, reading books, or watching comedy videos. You will be amazed to know that listening to music daily can also reduce stress and control high blood pressure. You can also try meditation or yoga to lower your stress level and control high blood pressure.

Have Some Dark Chocolate

Control High blood pressure

This is good news for chocolate lovers out there! Few studies have shown that dark chocolate is beneficial to control high blood pressure. Flavonoids are plant compounds that can cause the blood vessels to dilate and lower the blood pressure. If you take dark chocolates or cocoa powder which contains these plant compounds can help to diminish your blood vessels resulting in lessening your blood pressure.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to control high blood pressure and live a healthy life. In case, your blood pressure is increased above a level which can be menacing for your health for a long time, it’s suggested that you visit and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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