Easy Ways to Improve your Website Traffic

As a marketer, business owner or a website owner, the thing which you’d like most in the world should be ‘more customers’ or ‘more website visitors’. Isn’t it? You must be trying ways to improve your website traffic, but that’s not benefitting a lot. If this is the fact, which has been making you worried since a lot of time, follow the below given ways to drastically improve your website traffic, leading to more growth and sales of your service or business, that also for FREE.

1. Get Social

Producing great content and hoping that people will find it, doesn’t work at all! You have to be proactive as well. To improve your website traffic, you can use social medial channels for promoting your website and its contents. Using social media marketing techniques can help you in gaining much popularity of your contents, which can efficiently increase your website traffic. Try to share your contents on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, once it’s posted on your website. Not only that, you have to be active on the social media.

2. Follow a Perfect On-Page SEO

Do you think that SEO is dead? If yes, you need to think again! Making all your contents optimized is still a valuable and effective practice to boost organic traffic to a website. To improve your website traffic, you need to pay attention to all on-page SEO guidelines and follow them. Using image alt text, creating internal links for new content, and writing effective meta descriptions are the best practice for not only improving a website’s ranking but also gaining quality traffic.

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Whether you are targeting for paid search results, or SEO results, long-tail keywords pay an important role in improving your website’s ranking. And it is obvious that, if your website ranking is improving, it will also improve your website traffic metrics. Include high-intent keywords and popular keywords in your content.

4. Don’t Miss Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the most effective tool to attract new and prospective visitors to your website. Having a guest post on a reputable website can also improve your website traffic and help in building your brand. There are certain standards which you have to follow otherwise it can result in stiff penalties. If you have done guest blogging in the past, it would be an easy task for you, of course!

5. Go with Content Marketing

One of the best hacks to improve your website traffic is to go with content marketing. You must have heard the phase – ‘Content is the King!’ You need to create valuable contents which should include irresistible headlines. If you headline is compelling, your content will never go unread. Just master the art of writing attractive contents for your website, which can boost your website traffic at a fast pace.

6. Produce Video Content for Your Website

Many reports have showed that video contents are the most influential way for attracting a lot of customers. If you use visuals to promote your website, your website will gain a lot of traffic. Isn’t that amazing? Most of the marketers use video contents to grow revenue faster than any other medium.

7. Use Schema Microdata

If you implement schema or any other microdata format in your website, it will help the search engine bots to find and index your pages faster and effectively. Using schema for SEO practices can also improve your website’s click through rates and improve your website traffic. Schema microdata has lots of benefits in terms of website’s traffic and boosting the revenue.

8. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been a powerful tool to grasp quality traffic and boosting sales for most of the website owners. A successful email blast can improve your website traffic. You can make your existing customers bound to visit your website for any kind of update in your business. All you need to do is to go with a friendly email reminder about any new product or service to boost your traffic.

9. Make your Site Responsive and Fast

Those days are gone when people used to browse any website mostly through desktop PCs. Now days most people use mobile devices and therefore, your website should be responsive for all types of devices. Your website speed must not be slow, because if it does, it will increase your bounce rate of the traffic. Make your website technically optimized and accessible across a range of devices to improve your website traffic.

10. Get Help from Analytics Data

Google Analytics insights can help you drive and improve your website traffic. You can use the tracked links from your insights to identifying the successful strategies better. You can check for the most popular pages on your website and your visitor’s demographics. These reports can help you in creating a better marketing strategy and improve your website traffic.


Getting more website traffic is not going to happen overnight. You will always need to put some efforts but the good news is that we have shortlisted the easiest and effective parts for you. With the above listed techniques, no doubt, you can easily improve your website traffic and also gain engaging visitors.

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