How to apply for Bachelors in Germany

If you have just completed 12th grade and planning to come to German to bachelors and you have no idea about How to apply for a Bachelors in Germany. Below you will find out 9 easy steps to apply at the german Universities

Step 1: Start Learning German

  If you are pursuing high school, it is the right time for you to start learning German. As a matter of fact, you should at least clear up to minimum level B2. It takes at least 6 – 8you to start earning German.

Step 2: Apply for a Studienkolleg

You can either apply for a studienkolleg or pursue one-year course (equivalent to Studienkolleg) in your home country and then directly apply in a University.

For more details visit ISB Studienkolleg

Note: Each and every university has its own requirements, so it’s better to enquire in the respective university.

Step 3: Start preparing for the entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung).

  Once you have applied in a Studienkolleg, check whether you need to write an entrance exam or not. It is mandatory to write an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) for a State run studienkolleg but not in a private run studienkolleg. Some private run studienkolleg may require entrance exam, some may not. Enquire with the respective studienkolleg.

Step 4:  Open a blocked Account

  In order to pursue bachelors in Germany or in a Studienkolleg, you need a blocked account with minimum 10236 euros in it. It is also one of the mandatory requirements for a Student visa or a Student applicant visa.

Read the detailed information about the blocked account here

Step 5: Apply for a Visa

  If you are going to pursue bachelors in Germany in a University and got a conditional offer letter from the University. Apply for Student Visa in Germany.

  If you are going to pursue a course in Studienkolleg and got an unconditional offer letter from the University. Apply for the Student Applicant Visa in Germany.

Apply for the correct Student Visa!

Step 6: Book an accommodation for the initial stay

  If you are planning to write an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) for a Studienkolleg, it is advisable to book for an accommodation prior itself.

Step 7: Arrive Germany and write the entrance exam for Studienkolleg

  Write the entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) and wait for the results. If you pass, get an admission in a State-run Studienkolleg. If not, join in a Private-run Studienkolleg.

Step 8: Pursue Studienkolleg for a year

The duration for a course in a Studienkolleg is one year with 2 Semester.

Step 9: Write the final exam of Studienkolleg (FSP)

If you pursue in any of the aforementioned Studienkollegs, you have to write the final exam in a common Studienkolleg.

  The FSP is the common final exam for both State and Private-run Studienkolleg. As a matter of fact, only after clearing the final exam you can join in any of the Universities in Germany.

Step 10: Join in a University

  After clearing the final exam of Studienkolleg join in a University of your choice. Get the conditional offer letter from the University. Only with the conditional offer letter you can apply for a Student Visa in Germany. Later on, with the Student Visa you can apply for a part-time job.

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