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Anshumaan Vishnu & Divya Gupta were school friends, their educational interests were totally different. While Divya used to sneak peek all the time in her science books, Anshumaan used to enjoy his school life to the fullest by taking Humanities but he was affectionate about computers since his childhood. Designed his first website in 2006 when he was in 6th standard. While Anshumaan graduated in Hindi Literature from Sri Venkateswara College; Divya did biomedical sciences from Rajguru College, University of Delhi.

Brief about organization and founding members

Anshumaan is known as a thought originator. He is the founder of Dropout Dudes Media. In his free time, he’s a fanatic digital marketing enthusiast. Entrepreneurship highly inspires him. He takes on every challenge, and you’ll be surprised how much he can do within a day. Anshumaan has an experience of 7 years in Startup ecosystem & digital marketing industry and also has a great frame of reference in working with new ventures.

Divya Gupta is a skilled digital brand developer by profession and the conceptual mind behind many bold and bright ideas. Being the co-founder of Startup Style she is styling entrepreneurs and startups. She has an eye for the smallest detail which defines her work. Divya also believes and inspire young minds towards entrepreneurship through her actions.

How and when did you come up with the idea? Your inspirational moment.

According to Divya, she never had an interest in entrepreneurship as she was a studious girl with unclear goals in her mind. But then, she learned about Anshumaan’s first venture and she started helping him out in it. From there, she began understanding aspects of entrepreneurship, and when the right time came, the duo started their venture Dropout Dudes Media to inspire the youth towards the skill-based ecosystem and to aware them to not dropout without having some strong career-making skills.

Job was never Anshumaan’s cup of tea and he always wanted to do something of his own. He joined his friend’s venture DU Khabar- A media platform for Colleges/Universities with in 2014. This is how he entered in Startup ecosystem. After taking exit from his first venture the startup guy initiated a vision called Dropout Dudes to build a community for dropouts and multifarious talents in India. At this point of time the duo running 2 more startups under the banner of Dropout Dudes media. i.e. The Campus Media and Startup Style.

What is the vision behind your startup? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Anshumaan said he likes to work hard on things related to entrepreneurship and digital marketing because of his passion. People need real motivation these days but unable to get it correctly. We try to present them inspiring stories through videos and soon in person which are excluded from the Internet. In Dropout Dudes, with the real stories we try to teach them how the person achieved the goal or what he learnt from his failure, we try to attest the skills used during the struggling days to get success.

The Campus Media is a news and entertainment portal for University Campus which is solely led by our partner Manik Sain . Another trademark; Startup Style is India’s first online merchandise store dedicatedly for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Organisations, Freelancers, Youtubers & Hustlers like us. All three startups are doing good so far, and we are learning a lot from each of our ventures.

We want to help individuals develop any skill set. At the end of the next five years, we want people to know the basics of digital marketing, benefits of owning skills, how to use and understand software like Photoshop or WordPress etc. Our hope is that people can apply with new and experienced skills for their job.

Whether we struggle or fail or survive, we will never give up on our dreams, as this is what we live for. Entrepreneurship is something that we enjoy, that keeps our passion alive, and when we have the ability to follow our dreams, then why think about anything else?

Challenges,Opportunities and Marketing Strategies

Students are dropping out of schools, colleges without thinking that education is essential. We believe the students have forgotten to love what they do. To overcome this significant problem, we created this youth community. Starting something like Dropout Dudes was always in mind, but I could never do it without meeting Divya, she is the one who inspires our community members in her own way. It was never easy to make people understand what we are up to. We are opening doors for dropouts and various talents. We work towards the startup and education ecosystem so the youth can understand ‘why one should not drop out?’ And live in a skill-based education system.

Our marketing strategy always revolved around youth. One of some planning is like we kept a tie-up with colleges and various groups to make students and opportunist understand what Dropout Dudes is trying to do for their good.

What makes you different from other providers?

All the three startups of ours are bootstrap. Initially, revenue was not that much, and we invested all our savings in the startup. So, surviving in the initial stage with low revenue and leaving the job to focus full-time on our startup was the most courageous and difficult thing for us, as we have to convince our parents for that so they can allow us to follow our dreams. The journey was never simple. There were times when we felt like giving up or thought about what actually are we doing in our lives, but despite that, we never gave up on our dreams. We were always there to support each other in our tough times, and we met amazing people in our journey who supported us all time.

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

All those who want to follow their dreams must have the courage and blueprint ready for the execution of their ideas. Startup is not only about having a life-changing idea but about executing it in real-life. You will face many challenges, criticism, and failures in your journey, but all these will make you strong eventually. Never forget those people who supported you in your tough times as they are your real support, and only teamwork makes the dream works. Keep Hustling!

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