Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence –What You Need To Know

In the journey of development and growth of the humans, technology plays a very essential part. One such technology is artificial intelligence which has gained much hype and momentum. One must know the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence. The concept of AI directly translates to technological conceptualizing and building machines which are not only capable of performing independent tasks, but also exhibit intelligence, just like the humans.

You must have experienced Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s Bixby or Google Assistant, haven’t they made our lives easy? But still, AI has already become a topic of debates where many tech geeks consider it as a blessing and many consider as a disaster. We are still unaware and unsure about the future of the technology of AI, but let’s consider some points to see whether AI is a threat or a blessing. We will know more about the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

AI has some pros to consider. Some of them are:

  • Less Space for Errors – You must have heard ‘To Err is human’. So why not use AI? The chances of errors reduce in taking any decision as it is based on previous data records, coding and algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can solve complex types of problems which might require difficult calculations without any scope of error. For AI, there is no room for errors.
  • Continuous Work – We all know that machines do not get tired. This is a major advantage of using Artificial Intelligence, that it can overcome human limitations. Machines and programs with AI can perform extra laborious tasks which involves extra hard work and responsibility. Unlike humans, they cannot get affected by any external factors.
  • AI Overcomes Biggest Limitations – Certain conditions where human reach or safety is vulnerable, machine with Artificial Intelligence are used for research. This is a biggest scope for industries such as forecasting, oil exploration or medical diagnosis. For example, complex machines are used to study ocean floor where it might be difficult for the humans to survive.
  •  Faster Decision Making – Machines do not have emotions. Machines with artificial intelligence can take rational and faster decisions, as there is no distraction involved due to the emotional side. Within a short span of time, machines perform the desired tasks efficiently. For instance, integration of AI has improved the treatments with a right diagnosis in healthcare sector.

As the word goes, every coin has two sides, and Artificial Intelligence also has two sides. Let’s have a look at some cons of AI.

Some Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Apart from the advantages involved, here are some disadvantages involved with Artificial Intelligence

  • High CostArtificial Intelligence is obviously an expensive proposition due to its complexity. For AI, the installation, maintenance and repair are too costly. And you must know that in technology, frequent upgradation is needed to cater the needs of changing times. Businesses need to have good funds to implement AI into their processes.
  • Large Scale Unemployment – This is true and one of the riskiest results which can be caused due to Artificial Intelligence. Huge number of low skilled jobs will be replaced by machines leading to decrease human intensive requirement. No doubt, automation is the future, and in an automated world, every task will be carried out by the machines. Therefore, AI and automation can cause large-scale unemployment.
  • Restricted Work – AI machines work on programming to perform certain tasks. We cannot completely rely on machines for adapting environmental changes. If we hope the machines to think out of the box, that’s not possible because artificial intelligence will be restricted to the algorithms for which they have been trained for. Machines cannot work creatively as humans do.
  • Inability to replicate humansArtificial Intelligence enabled machines can be as intelligent as humans, but they cannot replicate humans completely. No matter how much smarter they become and perform more efficiently than humans, they cannot possess emotions and moral concepts. Their own judgement skills is nil, they only work on predefined algorithms.

The main fact which you might have understood till now is that Artificial Intelligence acts as a companion to human intelligence. If both of them are used together but properly, path breaking innovations and discoveries can be created with huge benefits to us and our everyday lifestyle.

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