Top 6 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Products

Are you bothered on how to promote your products for business growth? Relax! No need to get dread. The option of Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Products is a gigantic solution for your problem. In todays’ digital world, it is an immense way for marketers in any industry to reach new customers. But you should be cautious while selecting the right ones to endorse your products. Reason is moderately simple, i.e. as the number of social networks is growing steadily you need to choose the best ones.

Some platforms tend to be a better fit for marketers while some are not. It depends on your business target audience and other factors. In this blog, we have mentioned the top 6 social media platforms to promote your products. Every marketer should know about these highly demanding channels and can choose as per their target audience.

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Facebook is a wide covering social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is not surprising that the B2C companies are successfully using Facebook platform to promote their business. Approx. 65 million businesses are using Facebook pages and 6 million advertisers are actively promoting their products and services on Facebook. It is very easy to start your business promotion campaign on Facebook as almost all content formats work well on Facebook media such as texts, images, videos and stories. So, Facebook is one of the best Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Products.


Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Products

YouTube is second most top social media platform and it is also known as the second largest search platform after Google. Through YouTube media, you can advertise your products by framing your official channel for your brand. After creating your own brand channel, you can upload videos of your products or services for branding and increase user engagement in the form of subscribers, views, likes, shares and comments. You can also run paid advertising campaigns to increase your sales. YouTube is a best option to advertise and increase your customer reach.


Instagram is one of the youngest but effective Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Products. It gives you possibilities to reach maximum potential customers by allowing you to share a wide range of contents such as photos, videos, stories and live videos. As a good digital marketer or a business promoter, you should have an Instagram business profile on social media. Instagram has the facet of integrating with Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can use the same media across these platforms.


Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms which have still millions of user engagements each month. With ‘Tweets’, you can easily engage followers and influencers to your brand with just a perfect use or ‘@’ and ‘#’. Billions of tweets are shared every day, reaching millions of users. With Twitter, you can promote your products and brand at an esteemed level and generate leads or sales.


No-doubt, TikTok is a well notorious social media platform in todays’ trend, which is famous of music, acting and lip-syncing. It was world’s ‘most downloaded app’ in the first quarter of 2018, i.e., almost beating Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other networks. With TikTok, users can record videos up to 60 seconds, edit them, apply filters, add music and give special effects. Now days, most of the businesses are using TikTok for promotion of their products and services as the platform is having large number of active users.


How can we forget about most demanding and powerful social media platform that is used for branding and promoting businesses? In terms of professionalism, no other channel can beat it. If you have plans to sell B2B rather than B2C, go-ahead with LinkedIn. It has 303 million monthly active users. LinkedIn can offer you profiles of company heads, decision-makers and influencers.  

What Now?

There cannot be a single pick for the best social media platform in terms of business promotion. It totally depends on many factors such as audience types, target location, product type, or your spending budget. If you want to increase your sales and augment your business, then, you should try the above given top 6 social media platforms to promote your products.

One more thing, please don’t forget to share your experience with us! We wish you ‘best of luck’ for your business growth.

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