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We know that technology is constantly evolving at a fast pace and predicting it is now nearly next to impossible. New and rising technologies have already changed us a lot, and can still improve our way of living, or you can say ‘lifestyle’. Not only limited to the improvement of our lives, but these technological innovation drifts are also going to create new jobs and opportunities as a way of future technology-based careers. This is obviously a part of digital transformation, which gradually begun a few years ago, but is unstoppable now. Let’s know some of the Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020, which is going to give rise to new advantages and opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020

Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is not a new word for many of course, as it has gained a lot of gossips in recent years. Still AI continues to be one of the technology trends for 2020 to watch because it is in early stages. AI is still shaping the future of humans, as it lets computer systems to perform tasks similar to human intelligence, but faster and accurately than humans. From recognition of speeches to decision making, AI has changed our lifestyle a lot. It is a part of automation, and as you know, ‘Automation is the coming future’. AI is not just limited to navigation apps, smartphone assistants, smart home devices or home assistants. Wait for some more action!

Human Augmentation

Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020

Human Augmentation explores the use of technological innovation to create intellectual and physical improvements as an intrinsic part of the human body. Have you heard of controlling systems by just creating limb prosthetics with characteristics exceeding a natural human performance? That’s human augmentation! Many human augmenting gadgets have been built up which are used by huge organizations in manufacturing plants or on a combat zone. Smart gadgets and smart wearable are also an example of human augmentation, but this sector is yet to be explored more being a part of top technology trends in 2020.

Edge Computing

Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020

This is one of the Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020 to watch, as edge computing has now become acceptable on every platform. No matter Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure has dominated the market of edge computing, but this advancement is yet growing. With increase in the quantity of data as a result of new businesses being launched every day, edge computing is going to emerge more. This technology has already transformed the way of handling, processing and delivery of data to millions of data around the world. With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), and devices requiring real-time computing power, the edge computing system is going to be at the peak in the coming time.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020

Internet of Things, or IoT, is not only the upcoming Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020 to watch for, but it is the future. The use of IoT enabled devices in our everyday life such as home appliances, cars or smart automation systems is just the beginning stage. We can anticipate that with 5G, IoT applications will reach scale. Not only our personal lifestyle has been eased by the technology of IoT, but businesses have also gained a lot. In the future, IoT can easily enable predictive maintenance, improve customer service or speed up medical care and offer lots more benefits, which you cannot imagine yet. The exact development and adoption of IoT is yet to come.



Many of us might think that blockchain is only related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but that’s totally a myth. Blockchain has the potential for reshaping large industries by empowering trust, providing transparency and authorizing value exchange resulting in reduced costs, less transaction settling time and enhancing cash flow in business. One of the remarkable benefits of adopting blockchain is identity management. With the potential growth of AI and IoT, blockchain will be growing tremendously in business industries allowing lots of financial benefits.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) engages the user in a virtual environment and Augmented Reality (AR) acts as an enhancement to the environment. This is one of the Top 6 Technology Trends in 2020, which is yet to offer more enhanced user experience in every sector. From gaming to simulation software being used in army drills, this advancement in technology shows us a lot of promise for the future to give an immersive experience. The VR market is still climbing the stairs of development and it’s all set to become mainstream in the coming future. Businesses that start enacting VR solutions can have pronounced chances to dominate the market.

There are lot more technological advancements yet to come as the upcoming technology trends for 2020, but all the above-listed trends are already influencing our daily routine or business enhancements.

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