Why is Kashmir Called ‘Heaven on Earth’?

You must have heard this famous quote about Kashmir as Heaven on Earth-

“Gaur Firdaus, Ruhe Zamin Ast, Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto, Hamin Ast”.

This was quoted by the famous Amir Khusro, which means, ‘If there is any Heaven on Earth, this is here, Kashmir’. The nature endows Kashmir with implausible beauty and makes it recognised as a paradise or Heaven on Earth. Kashmir looks dazzling with different looks, such as yellow due to the beautiful Chinar trees, red in the season of autumn, the golden lakes in the light of dawn or the jewel blue river which enriches the soul of ice-cold mountains. Many tourists are attracted towards Kashmir to explore the place with some memorable moments and spend a quality time with the nature. If you are deciding the same, here’s a look at what makes Kashmir called a true ‘Heaven on Earth’.

The Romantic Snowfall

I hope you know what a ‘romantic snowfall’ means. You can experience soft and light snow with freezing and melting breeze, surrounded by snow filled trees, mountains and grasses on the distant meadows. This isn’t the end. You soul will get swooned when you experience the falling snow covering the huts of this ‘Heaven on Earth, making it look like a complete mesmerizing Winterland.

Perfect Picture Landscapes

If you have already experienced the quaint landscape of Kashmir, then you already know the answer that why we call Kashmir as ‘heaven on earth’. You will find the exact and real inherent beauty in each and every corner of the Kashmir valley. Whether it is the majestic Pir Panjal, or the Kashmir cypress branches, each place is like a perfect picture postcard waiting to be explored.

Delightful and Fairy-Tale like Autumn

You must have seen many fairy tales like autumn images, which attracts many of us to visit the place and experience the vibrant form of nature. You don’t have to go very far, as Kashmir gives the same experience. The so called ‘heaven on earth’ has the most poetic and delightful autumns. If you visit Kashmir during autumns, you will see vivid colors with energetic and soft breeze. With different golden, scarlet and amber hued trees, you can inhale the real smell of nature.

Colorful and Largest Tulip Garden in Asia

Kashmir has the largest tulip garden in Asia, which is also the only tulip garden in India. The colourful tulip garden should not be missed by any traveller as it is one of the places which exhibit natural beauty of colourful tulip flowers which adds some extra splash of colors to the entire valley.


Visiting Kashmir and not living in houseboats, that’s not done! One of the memorable and exciting experiences which you can feel here in the ‘heaven on earth’ is living in a traditional houseboat. You can spend your memorable night or have a great ride over the stunning lakes of Kashmir and have an unforgettable experience.  

Lush and Rich Valleys

You will feel the serenity offered by the greenery and prolific verdant valleys of Kashmir. Incredible valleys such as Suru, Markha, Kishtwar, Nubra, Betaab, Dha Hanu and many others add a perfect definition to the beauty of nature. Being surrounded by the stellar mountains, these valleys are the perfect example of real heaven on earth with a certain level of mysticism.  

Charming Lakes

Don’t forget the stunning lakes of Kashmir! The Dal and Nageen lakes of Srinagar are staggering, incredible, breath-taking and just wondrous. Taking a boat ride on the charming lakes with a background of towering natural greenish mountains will explain you that why Kashmir is a true paradise and heaven on earth.

It’s not the end. Nobody can describe Kashmir and its natural beauty within few words or in one story post. This is one of the experiences, which you cannot feel truly until you visit the paradise and feel the beauty of one and only heaven on earth. Plan your trip to Kashmir and explore it unconditionally.

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